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Any of you guys have IVORY or Fossilized Ivory for pins/nut/saddle??


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WEll??? Are you going to travel internationally with your guitar?


When I got my L-00TV the bone long saddle was grossly undersized for the slot and it leaned forward under string tension. I ended up buying a W. African hard ivory AJ saddle from Bob Colosi to replace it. I chose the W. African material because of its reputation for extreme hardness, tendency to promote overtones, and enhance trebles. Of course these traits are relative - we are all aware that the impact of the saddle material is usually subtle at best.


I don't plan to travel internationally with this guitar (I have a GS Mini for that). If I did want to I would contact Bob first to see if the necessary documentation were available. If not, I would simply order a bone saddle from him and swap it in for travel

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I once had a Giannini Craviola classical that had an ivory saddle. I replaced it with bone before I sold it.

I shortened and reshaped it the ivory, and put it on a plywood top Alvarez steel string that I like. It helped the Alvarez much more than the Giannini.

That stuff was hard as stone. The Alvarez brightened up appreciably.

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