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2011 Gibson Sg Standard question


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How much would be a good price if buying one? There's one for sale here in town for 949 plus taxes. Is it worth it?



Well, it seems they're asking anywhere from a Grand, to $1,400 on E-bay. But, that's usually

a bit "high!" My dealer, was selling them NEW, for around your "used" price ($950) back then.

So, whatever it's worth to you, and (of course) depending on condition.


Gruhn's in Nashville, has a Clean 2003 for $1000! He's a better barometer, for pricing...IMHO.

Since the one you're looking at, is 7 years "newer," it might be worth more, or not? Really

comes down to it's condition, and...what it's "worth" to you! But, it sounds like it's in the

"ball park!" However, it won't hurt to try to bargain with them, a bit. Start lower, see what

they say? [biggrin]



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