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Is this a modified LP Studio GEM?


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Hi everyone!

I've bought a guitar with the neck of a LP Studio Gem Series Ruby but with an unknown body.

I think is a modified LP Studio GEM '96. Looking carefully you can see the sign of the cavity of the switch which has been closed.

The guitar has been repainted and then was mounted the pickup selector in place of one of the tones.


I thought about it looking at the LP Gold Top '68 of Paolo Tofani of the Area (if you scroll down this page you can see it: http://www.krsnavision.com/personal/personal-tkv.html), which has the second cut in the upper part of the body, is painted in black and has several other changes.


What do you think about?


Thank you, Smit

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Thanks a lot Rabs!!! [thumbup]

Ok... so I thought I had seen that shape before...


And yes it does seem that the guitar has a LP XPL body and a Gem series neck... which is very odd... But surely very unique :)


XPLs look like this





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