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classic 57+498t review


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i have an epiphone les paul with c57 and 498t and it's a good mix


but maybe a bigger outpout level of the bridge pickup would be good


i thought that the 498T had more harmonics too


sh4 is just only metal 80's and with a bad split


so ?


what would you put with a c 57 ?


c57+ 500t ?

sh1 sh4 ?


498t is the mix between paf blues and and hard rock ( i talk about the specifications)

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i really don't understand how the 498t is a "hard rock pickup"


hard rock needs high ends for guitar solo


and i have a f//// epiphone!!


my next guitar will be a les paul axcess ! = a better sound than i have (even with modifications)


i have a sg new century and the sound is clear, warm : not crystal sound but beautiful


epi is cheap :(( or maybe i must try another pickups but it was very difficult !!!


i looked for 4 conductors

and all the burstbuckers are not with 4c


so, i had no other choices except 500t or dirty fingers maybe ?


i think burstbuckers pro have more high ends than C 57 and 498t (less output than it, what a pity !) so it will be good



it's hard to find the guitar of your dreams and the good sound

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