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Ebay auction?


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Got a question for anyone that sells their Gibson acoustics or others on Ebay. I have noticed that the difference in a great auction listing and a mediocre one usually has to do with the AMOUNT and QUALITY of pictures that one offers. I notice that a lot of people use 'auction enhancenent' sites like AUCTIVA and VENDIO to allow themselves to create impactfull listings.

Anyone have recommendations (pros or cons) on the various auction aids available? I have started to go with Auctiva but have not linked to it yet. I want more info...Thanks, RRod

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I just use tinypic. I never use ebay's photo hosting. The pics are small and you have to pay for more than one. I use tinypic because it's a lot more dependable than photobucket even though photobucket OWNS tinypic.


When auctioning a guitar I usually do a full frontal pic, full back, headstock front and back, and maybe a couple detail shots if there is anything I want to point out. I will also do a shot of the case if it's pertintent. A generic case or gig bag, nahh.


A seller can go overboard. Pics that are 4000x3000 and there are 14 shots of the neck binding is a bit much. I usually just do the 'regulars' and mention in the auction that specific shots can be added or emailed upon request.


I'm amused by people who put $4000 Gibsons on ebay with one fuzzy shot out in their driveway.


BTW, any hosted pic works on ebay in the std html language. Screw ebay and their 'per photo' pricing. In fact, screw ebay, period. Fight the power.

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