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on the Epi AJ100


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I bought mine in 2009 and I have seen some with much better tuners at least when I look up AJ100 and hits come up. Some seem to have sealed tuners and some look like mine yet have a screw to remove the knob . The other thing I noticed was mine has all black binding on a sunburst body and I have seen some with white which looks better.


I spoke to Gibson a while back and asked and was told they make changes here and there . My tuners are what they show on the DR100 photo . They don't make the AJ100 anymore . I posted in 2012 about the buzz on the 14th fret no matter if it's humid like it's been for the last few months or dry nothing changes.


I still feel the 14th fret is just higher than the others . But those tuners are junk . About a year ago I was in a local GC and saw the AJ220 much better tuners and it had the satin finish on the back of the neck . I tried it out and it was worse than mine as far as fret buzz .


When I got mine all the strings buzzed and the saddle was far to low and Gibson sent me a new saddle and that got the action up where it's better .


I even used a dampit with the sound hole cover for months and even added a sponge in a baggy with holes and still nothing changed. I has the ply top .


This is the only guitar I ever had that had this issue . I got it at sam ash near me and they didn't have it is a room where the humidity is controlled. No doors to close off the room for all the acoustics . It was a hot dry day and they had the air going . the acoustics were up stairs hanging on a wall .


The odd part is when I changed the saddle I changed the strings because the stock ones were horrid . The bridge pins went down where the ball of the pin was right on the bridge . about a year later I changed the strings again with the exact same gauge and brand and had a hard time getting the pins out and I never force them in. Once I installed the new strings I installed the pins and used normal light pressure and the pins stood up 1/8" above the bridge so this tells me the bridge was dry before and the holes swelled because it was more humid after all the bridge is rosewood and when dry the wood shrinks so the pin holes would be larger.

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I'd try and find a thinner/smaller set of bridge pins. Sme come in smaller/larger sizes. Or, I would sand the bridge pins until they fit. I' also try to put a shim or two under the saddle to raise the action slightly more so the 14th fret is leer than the string a bit more. Just my 2 cents. Just some minor set up changes.


Others may have other solutions to try.


Jazzman Jeff aka QM

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