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Classics done?


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That sucks (the studio only comming in 2 colors) but it makes sense... the studio was originally devised as a cheaper option... so it didnt have all the features the standard had... and we have to remember, back in the day, the option to chose from different finishes was A FEATURE for higher end instruments (and sometimes even higher end instruments only came in a couple of finishes, specially at the begining of what we now know as the electric guitar), and "lower end" instruments didnt have as much features to chose from as today.


I remember some 16 years ago when I bought my first electric, most "not fancy" guitars (including studios) didnt come in as many finishes as they do now, and makers didnt offer as much as they do now in the features department (now you can have a giutar with a licensed floyd rose and H-s-H configuration, with a maple veneer, for less than 250!


I think Gibson's time for experimenting with options is over... they have enough info now to stop making things that dont sell enough to be worth of the time and materials (sadly they know enough to rise the price of the VM as it probably sells a lot). They surely know by now what will sell and what will not for the next 5/10 years as they do not specialize in modern designs and cutting edge technology (or every guitar would have the robot/dark fire/Hd6/"reverse"/holly option). They specialize in (and are good at) making a good guitar following a design that has proved to be popular and highly desired over the years.


So maybe the studio (and other models) not having that many finishes and features available to chose from is not a bad thing, but a sign that gibson is indeed listening to what costumers unknowingly say.

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