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Gibson custom light 2013-2014


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New to the board and new to custom lights. I've seen the 2013 custom light black beauty style and then the 2014 vintage burst. Anyone have any idea why gibson changed the headstock on the 2014? I would love to have that vintage burst but with the original style headstock. Thanks.

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No idea why they do a lot of things, but it's their company so they get to decide what models have what features. I guess the headstock is part of the "120th" anniversary package, so that headstock ornament, and the plate on the fretboard.


I have a Custom Lite, built in January of 2013, and love it. It sounds like a full bodied LP, but of course is much lighter and more comfortable for an old guy like me to play for 3 or 4 sets.


I did modify mine adding a second tone pot and making that a push/pull for the coil tap.




Not sure why you are buying, if you are a performer, or more of a collector. But my focus would be on how the guitar feels in your hands, and how it sounds through your amplifier, not how the headstock will look to your audience. But to some looks are just as important as playability. Anyway I would recommend the model to anyone. [thumbup]

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