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Can you help identify this high end but oddball LP case?

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Branded Gibson both inside and out. Fits a les paul perfectly (including notches for the strap buttons).


The Gibson name/logo is embroidered into the inside lining

The gibson lowercase g is part of a screen print on the exterior covering

Stars, diamonds and the lowercase gibson g (exterior).

Case is very high quality... fits perfectly, no play in the hinges, ton of support/foam and thick plush interior and solid as a rock.

The exterior covering is a tough canvas like material


  • Hardcase but padded exterior
  • Ball bearing roller wheels and retractable handle
  • Hinges and handle are 100% consistent with Ameritage case company out of Wisconsin


I could swear i have seen this case before as part of a very limited high end run that came with 2 cases.


Any help Gibby folks??

post-60486-043606100 1411399610_thumb.jpg

post-60486-048926100 1411399643_thumb.jpg

post-60486-095580200 1411400036_thumb.jpg

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