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G-400 neck profiles


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Got the gas for an SG so ended up buying a couple Worn G-400's. Got a keeper of the two so selling the other.


The deal is holy man the difference in the necks ! One (Cherry) as advertised had the slimTaper D ( pretty dang right on with my LP Tribute and Casino). That is a Qingdao Plant (Epiphone), China

May 2009.



The worn brown is a October 2012 DaeWon or Unsung China. The headstock has the Kalamazoo logo, and is quite higher (tuning machines) when standing the two together. The neck is QUITE a bit chunky-er !


At the nut, the thickness is 1" and the Cherry one is only .920


at the 3rd fret, the Brown is .940 and the Cherry .850


at the 7th fret, the Brown is .980 and the Cherry .870


at the 17th, the Brown is 1.020 and the Cherry .930


Epi Website Specs still read SlimTaper D

post-2488-024734500 1412038597_thumb.jpg

post-2488-092386100 1412038610_thumb.jpg

post-2488-021691400 1412038766_thumb.jpg

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