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  1. That sucks! I just got an identical one from Sweetwater and it was perfect. We were probably comparing the exact same guitars on their site!
  2. I'll be looking inside mine when it arrives next Monday!
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  4. To use Postimage.org for photo hosting, here's what you do. After you upload the image, copy the "Hotlink for forums" and paste it directly into the text of your post. The "insert image" button on this forum is useless.
  5. I got my 2018 Classic and everything seems great so far. The nut action is high, as it always is. Gibson leaves them a bit high so they can be adjusted for personal preference. It a $25 expense to have it cut to my liking by a professional luthier.
  6. I'm buying one of those this year too, as are half the Gibson fans in the world apparently! Can't wait to hear what it sounds like. If the nut is weird on mine, I'll have my luthier hand make a bone one like he did for my G&L.
  7. Well, it looks like they are actually making my perfect LP in 2018 (see my thread starter post). Nice work, Gibson! I'll have one!
  8. That's the exact Les Paul I'll get if I get another one. I really like the circa 2013 Traditional goldtop with P-90s. I haven't seen a decent bargain on one in a long time, though. They have a goldtop P-90 Tribute out now for $899, but its matte finish, no binding, rough grain, and you can cut a steak with the fret ends.
  9. I'm with you on that 100% CB. I keep thinking I must have a Les Paul in my collection. I get one, I don't play it enough to justify having my money tied up in it, and it gets sold. My SGs, which are wired like a late 50s Les Paul, make all the same noises, plus they're lighter and have better access. If I get another Les Paul, it will have P-90s so it actually does something different than my SGs. Les Pauls sure are pretty, though!
  10. Definitely some decent goldtops out there, but none tick all the boxes I want. The 2013 Traditional did, but they're often trying to sell mint ones of those for as much or more than they cost new. I tried out a 2016 Tribute goldtop P-90 last year (the $899 one) and promptly sent it back. I need gloss nitro and binding.
  11. I occasionally think "I need a PRS in my collection". Then I play a few and the urge goes away. They seem well made, but I've never bonded with one. In terms of finish flaws on Gibsons, call me weird but those minor occasional imperfections make them seem more hand-built and organic to me. It feels like each one is a little different and was actually touched by real human hands for more than 30 seconds during the manufacturing process.
  12. What features on the upcoming 2018 Les Paul line would convince you to buy one. Here's what would get my wallet open: Goldtop with P-90s, full gloss finish, and binding. Basically, the LP Traditional they sold circa 2013, although some weight relief would be nice for me, but not a deal-breaker. I'd drop around $1600-$1700. What would get your GAS flowing?
  13. That looks amazing. I like gold hardware, as long as the finish is high quality and holds up. I've had good luck with Gotoh hardware. I never considered what a white pick guard would look like on a cherry SG. It actually looks way better than I would have expected. I'd rock that look all day long!
  14. Call me weird, but I like the new ones better. I'll probably upgrade from my Mexi Jazz Bass to an EB once the prices fall below $999.
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