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Issues with photobucket.....

Plus Top Dan

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Anyone have any idea why my images on photobucket have all of a sudden gone small? In the past any time I've posted photos online they've come out at a more user friendly size. Also what am I doing wrong with my image posting, how come I'm posting links to images rather than the image appearing automatically on screen?


I've been emailing photos from my ipad to myself and uploading to photobucket rather than saving from my cameras memory card and loading on my computer that way. Would that explain the change? or is it something to do with my ipad or photobucket settings?


What am I doing wrong? ](*,)[crying]





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Resized - possibly your software is set to resize uploads. I use PB and don't have that problem with their software, so it's probably something on your end. If you save them locally, you can make sure of their size before you upload.


Posting images - In this forum's post editor click the "Insert image" tool and paste the direct link into it. Here's a help link - http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/11005-sticky-how-to-post-photos/



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When you go into Photobucket, choose the photo you want to post, click on that photo, go into edit, and enlarge the photo, but be sure and "save" it. If you dont change the save option, it will go back to the original size.

I had the same issue, and this corrected it.

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When working with *.jpg photos, there are three factors in picture size.


First is the ppi - pixels per inch. That's tied inversely to the picture size. For example, an 8x10 photo at 300 ppi will be roughly twice that size at 150 ppi. In all cases with this as the variable, the file size remains functionally the same.


Second is the degree of compaction handled by the JPG when the file is saved. The ppi would remain unchanged but there would be less information on how a computer should turn the *.jpg into an image. At certain points where there is a lot of compaction, you end up with posterization of various degrees.


Technically if you seek to double size of a photo at 300 ppi but retain the 300 ppi at the doubled size, you'll see some improvement in the photo if you then re-shrink it or print it out, but ... not really.


I work with this stuff daily, btw, for print and web publication.


Now, as to the iPad or smartphone, there's another factor. My smartphone carrier (AT&T) disallows individual files of photos over 10 megabytes. Since the phone's camera is roughly 10 megapixels, that means I have to shrink the file to upload it or send it via email or text or whatever. The 70 percent setting works although cuts the number of pixels in the photo; and there is a cropping tool available if that is of benefit to shrinking the image/file size. OTOH, that still, assuming a well-lit photo, offers a print 85-line screen photo at acceptable size - and yet better if only used at typical settings for web-only use.



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