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Has anyone tried the new Juniors?


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Played one a couple nights ago......


LOVE the finish on it....very well done........very nice to see the gloss/quality finish on a "lower end" guitar. Much better than some of the stuff in previous years.


Played well....I've heard people speak about the new wider neck.....I didn't mind it.......good handful, but not obnoxious.


Didn't really even notice the new nut as far as playing......looked a little odd visually, but fine playing.


I personally HATE the LP logo....it was better in person, but still not a fan.


The hologram I didn't even notice at first.


I'm not a fan of the Gforce.



Overall, If I could have the normal logo and no Gforce, I would have put it on layaway. Nice guitar for the money.



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