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ES-339/336/356 body measurements?


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I'm new in this forum and willing to take advantage of you fellow Gibson owners :)


I'm hobbyist luthier and going to build a CS 356/339/336 type smaller body semi hollow guitar. I have ordered the plans already but they havent arrived yet and I'm going to pick up the woods for the project tomorrow.


Sooo.. I don't have plans yet and I'm unable to find the measurements from the internet. Therefore I'm asking if someone of the owners of this type guitar could kindly measure the body width and length for me, thank you. No need for thickness or neck measurements, just the width and length of the body is enough. This would verify my selections for the wood blanks.

Inches or millimeter are both ok, and hopefully you could be as precise as possible. And a fast reply would be more than welcome :)


Thanks a lot in advance!


- Juha, Finland

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No' date=' I actually measured the guitar.[/quote']

Ok. So we (I) come up with the conclusion that 339 and 336 are different sized. I thought that they were same sized.

I found it easier to add the measurements in Photoshop than to try and relay all the info verbally (actually' date=' typed).[/quote']

That is a very reasonable. :-({|=


Anyway, the original problem is solved, I got suitable wood and there's plenty of it.

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Best of luck. I'd love to see photos of your project along the way.


Thanks a lot! :P

I try to remember to update picture gallery along the way and link it here too.


edit: Oh, by the way, the body differency is obviously owed to different construction; 339 being a laminated and 336/356 carved.Mine is going to be 336/356 type.

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