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Info from guitar dater project:

Your guitar was made at a factory not yet added to the database

June 1997

Production Number: 0428


So, it was made in June 1997, and was number 428. Not sure what the J means.

But I also have an Epi with a J. Mine is a 1997 SG Junior.

I've been told different things. But most folks seem to think it signifies Indonesia as the country of origin.

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I'm not thinking that Jakarta is correct...here are some references found on the internet for the "J" in an Epiphone serial number (1998) :rolleyes:


J - Terada Gakki Seisakusyo (Japan)

J or T = Terada (Japan)

SJ - SaeJun (China)


My 1997 Epiphone Special Model Gibson serial starts with an "O" which sure looks like a zero (as in "0")

The look up I found, said O - Choice (Korea)

Anyone know if there is/was a "Choice, Korea" factory or if "choice" generally refers to a guitar made somewhere in Korea by Samick? [confused]

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