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I've been trying out this soundcloud thingy but I can't seem to get it to work, so bear with me here.


I thought you crew might like to see what passes for rock legend status here in Oz.

Two acts that come to mind. The first is Stevie Wright, formally of the Easybeats, and Ian Moss, of legend rock band Cold Chisel.


Stevie Wright on the steps of the Sydney Opera House during the Rock of the Decade concerts around Australia. This is regarded as his finest performance ever of his iconic song, "Evie" parts 1,2,and 3. Now a part of Oz rock history. I was there about 6 rows back from the stage, just to left about where the back-up singers are (and they're beauts too, hard not to fall in love with both of them!). Now, this is what a real rock concert is all about! The 1st lead plays a beautiful P90 Goldtop in this as well.



Second is a rock/blues band called Cold Chisel. They are/were the definitive Rock Band of Australia. '73 to '83, but what a decade! And the guitarist, Ian Moss is still regarded as THE best player in the country. Was voted this year by his rock guitarist peers here as still the best. No mean feat when you consider the likes of Kevin Borich and Martin Cilia are on that list.

(Boris...your gonna just love the blues harp work on some of this!).


To start off, I'll give you a taste of what they're like in front of a small crowd (Mona Vale pub). The lead singer, Jimmy Barnes is also legend here. He used to sing the whole set through while drinking a big bottle of vodka, mic in one hand, bottle in the other!



OK, now another crowd pleaser, dedicated to all truckies driving the big rigs.


Next, is how you say goodbye to an ex-girlfriend. The part where barnsie is in the crowd and he hands his half empty bottle of vodka to the girl, and she holds on to it while he sings a verse, then, holding it high like the Hammer of Thor, she hands it back to him!...and that just cracks everyone up!



Then once you've said goodbye to her, you then get a little revenge and straight up p!$$ her off!


This is about a bloke who held up a betting shop here (a TAB), and then had a shoot-out with the police! Ian just blisters away here.



This I put in for all the vet's out there. Khe Sanh. Considered the band's signature song. Nothing more needed to be said about this.


And, saving the best till last. Guitarist Ian Moss hails from a little town up north called Bow River (the Top End). Think crocadile dundee country and there you are. At the end of the bands life, he wrote this song, and it's still to this day considered his finest yet. Real blues/rock.


Awhh...what the heck. What's a good performance without an enchore eh. OK, now every great band is known for doing at least one great cover, and this is what this band was known for. This was at the end, their Last Stand concert. Gotta love at the end of the song the fan giving Barnsey a bottle of scotch!




That's it. I hope you enjoyed the show.

(souvenir programmes for sale in the lobby on your way out, drive home safe)

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