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Suggestions for replacement of Min etune


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Hello I'm going to to replace the min etune system with some manual tuners any suggestions would be appreciated

By the way the guitar is a 2014 Les Paul peace



Hello Scooter.



There are a zillion different types of tuners you can use on your Les Paul these days but I'm going to recommend you use something traditional when replacing the Min-eTune system .


The first choice for me are the Gibson Deluxe tuners. These are light weight and traditional tuners for a Les Paul. I think the white keys accent the inlays nicely too. They have a 14:1 gear ratio and are lighter than the Min-eTune system so they might lesson some neck dive issues.




My second choice would be the Grover 102G Rotomatic tuners. These are more modern tuners with an 18:1 gear ratio that many players prefer. They also use a mounting hole that is in a traditional spot for Gibson tuners which can become important should you ever decide to sell the guitar. That's a plus. On the down side they are heavier than the Min-eTune system which may lead to a slight increase neck dive.



My third recommendation would be the Grover 502C Roto-Grip Locking Rotomatic. These are the same as the 102G tuners above but they have a knob on the back to lock the string to the post. This can make for faster string changes and can help with tuning stability. While that shouldn't be an issue with a non trem guitar they can help should you decide to add a Bigsby or StatsBar someday. The added function means they DO weight more than all the other options we have looked at here so keep that in mind.



And finally we have these which are again made by Grover. In fact they are the 102 series tuners we talked about before but with a different button on them.



So, it all depends on what your after. All of these tuners can be installed without having to bore out the peg holes. All that will be required is that you pilot drill the small screw holes for the mounting screws. And since all of them use traditional mounting screw positions this would minimise devaluing the guitars resale value due to "crazy mods". Most would see installing these tuners as reasonable mods.


Hope this helps. [thumbup]

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