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Kluson Machine Heads

Victory Pete

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I have many Gibsons that have the "Gibson Deluxe" machine heads. I believe they are made by Grover and have a greenish tint to the buttons. I just bought a 2014 SG 61 Standard and it has "Kluson Deluxe" machines that are a nice ivory color with grain patterns in it. I cant seem to find these on Gibson's site. Are any other Gibsons fitted with these?

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I can swear by the TonePros Kluson models; I have a set adorning my LP Studio as an upgrade.


It's this model, with the locking pins.


Classic look on the back; slightly different on the front.


I'm tempted to try a set of Gotoh SD90 MGT's or SD91 MGT's if my next guitar is one with the vintage-style machine heads (after a 50's Tele, so should be!).


There's quite a few in the Gotoh series, and they're very customisable!

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