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  1. Thanks for the advice/opinions. I will have to break down and try to find a reputable source for Switchcraft toggles. I really like my Eppys, but the hassle for a working musician is something I don't need.
  2. I've got two nice Espy guitars. A Joe Pass Emperor II and a 335 pro model. I can't keep pickup selector switches in either one. They last for a few months and stop working. The Joe Pass' switch has been replaced 4 times in 9 years, and now the 335 pro's switch is acting up. Whats their story? Are they using junk parts? My 2 Gibson LPs have selector switches in them and are still going strong after 16 years of playing? Whats the diff??
  3. Welcome aboard...lots to see, learn, and do here. Lots of good helpful people as well.
  4. Well, its been just over a month since my disaster of accidentally ordering two guitars. I contacted the credit card company immediately, and they were aware of this scam already. They said the cc info was used to tap into bank accounts. I have not had any attempts on my accounts nor have I ever received confirmation that my order was cancelled after my repeated requests for confirmation. So far so good. Now there are two or three more companies with ridiculously low prices for name brand guitars being advertised on social media. I don't even look at their products anymore.
  5. I've been punching out my own picks for about 8 years now. Old credit cards, driver's license, gas and gift cards... they all make great picks for the "medium" thick pick player. There may be a few thousandths of an inch difference, but c'mon... at the price of picks today?? I find it doesn't really make any difference. Like many of you, I use a "heavy" for bass playing. I also use a heavy thumb pick for PSG and medium finger picks. Again its all personal taste. I used heavy picks for a few years for guitar, but went back to mediums. I haven't used a thin in over 50 years. Funny thing is, I probably have several hundred picks that I've found on stage that players have dropped and never bothered to pick up. Quite an assortment of brands, shapes, thicknesses and sizes. I like the Dorito sized ones...LOL
  6. Digger.... got ya beat...1945...proud to still be here.
  7. I was taken in by one of these cheap guitar sites. Yes, I knew they weren't real American made guitars, but the finishes were delightful. Long story short, I accidentally ordered two of the same guitar. Their site was super slow, so I hit send again. I ended up with two of the exact same guitars. I have been trying to cancel my order for the past week. They do not respond, but they do promise a 10% charge for cancelled orders. That in itself is a rip off because they aren't actually "re-stocking" ANYTHING. The guitars haven't shipped. Should I ever be billed, you can bet I will contest the charge. Buyer beware of MUSIC SHOPS FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND RECORDING EQUIPMENT.
  8. I was expecting an arch top. Its was as flat as my Telecasters. The neck is much wider than what I'm used to, and overall it was a total disappointment. Broke my heart to sell a Christmas present that my wife of 34 years bought me.
  9. I had one. My wife bought it for me in 2013 as an Early Christmas present. I was heart sick when I opened the case. It was a breadboard. I played it maybe 6 times and sold it a few months ago in mint condition for what she paid for it. I gave her the money, and we put it towards new flooring in our home. Nice looking guitar, but nothing I would ever buy again or recommend to anyone.
  10. Welcome to the forum.

  11. I'm actually "thinning the herd" as it were. Recently sold three guitars, and the count now stands at 12 guitars, 2 pedal steels, 1 lap steel, 2 ukuleles and 1 bass.
  12. Welcome...be warned that Gibsons are like potato chips...one is never enough.
  13. The Midtown Kalamazoo is now gone. On its way to a good friend from the service. Happy to see it gone and happy its going to a good home. Now to get rid of about 18 more.
  14. Well, two of the Celestions are gone along with one guitar, and a 60s vintage Fender Blender. I still have one 12" Celestion and a 12" Utah available along with my near mint 2013 Midtown Kalamazoo.
  15. Big Kahune...soory...just now saw your question from a year ago (almost) The Serial # on my LPDC is 018070358. Stamped on the headstock. I can post pics if you like.
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