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Just wondering if anyone has tried out Bandhub and what your thoughts were about it?

For those of you who have never heard about it it is a website for music collaborations. I haven't tried it yet myself and have only browsed the site a few times. I like the idea although some of the collaborations I have viewed seemed a little busy or cluttered. Could be because I'm using my phone to view and it says to use a pc or Mac. Check it out.

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Ok. This is too bizarre not to share. What a cast of characters. Check 'em out. Surely you must have a favorite:


Muse Cover: http://bandhub.us/s/5497d3b4743d5f8342508e7d


or if that's a bit much (My Girl):




or something a bit more old timey: (I'll Fly Away):




We're getting closer to that virtual jam. ~25,000 collaborations already done at Band Hub. It looks like it could be a fun thing for the Gib Acoustic Forum to play around with some weekend. Many questions yet to be answered; although, once registered, it is possible to mix volume levels for individual collaborators, but what happens when a Deathmetal fan/party pooper decides to harsh the mellow of some James Taylor song?


You can browse collaborations on the "collabs" button, left side of Band Hub page.


We are getting closer, though.


Thanks for the heads up.


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