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"classic" vs "57" pick ups


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Hello Gibson Family!


So I've ventured into the world of electric guitars, long time coming.. I just recently bought a joe pass emperor ll and to my knowledge the stock pick ups are "classic" alnico pick ups. I found a pair of epiphone 57's on ebay and bought them, had them wired in, however, the holes for my mounting hardware are smaller than the stock pick ups which I pulled out of them. Is this normal? Also, is there an actual difference in the pick -ups themselves? Any info would be of assistance. Thank you.


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Yea, they're all gonna a bit different. mostly it depends on the year a particular guitar was made.


with Epi's unless they are Elitist which has US Made Pickups) the pickups will all be imports from either korea or china. "classic" alnicos I'd suspect would be what the term for a generic humbucker from that build year, probably leaning towards a PAF formular. I believe anything with a "57s" would most likely be also emulations of PAFs but I could be just assumin. You could probably look those ones up to learn more.



Of course, there's probably someone here who can be way more specific.


as for mounting issues, that's normal, again a lot goes back to the age of the guitar, and they used to for electronics at that time. There really is no "standard" in regards to this given all the different points of origin.

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