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what year?


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I am looking at a Gibson Les Paul Standard 60's neck Can someone tell me by the serial number what year it is?


Guitar dater came up with this:

Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

November 21st, 2007

Production Number: 280


But It would be nicer to see some pics if you could please

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Thnaks for the replies. NOt sure if the price is good or not. It is brand new never been sold has original case paper work ect. CAn get it for $1' date='700. Thinking I should jump on it.[/quote']


Would be nice to see pics like they said. But if it is as pretty as I think it maybe Hell yes. PERIOD! That is a good price.

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I am going by the music store this weekend to look at it again. I wil take a pic and post it' date=' then get your opinions.[/quote']


Cool brother. Just remember to only buy it if it plays good to your ear and feels the best in your hands. David Taub told me that. I made the mistake of splurging on a guitar without ever really, really playing it. Now I'm stuck with a guitar I don't want. It's a great guitar it's just the neck is weird. Speaking of which, anyone wanna buy a guitar? hahahaha.


No seriously, you want it? $550 right now and it's yours..........:-k

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