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Finally snagged an EPI CASINO! on the way...


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Ive been eyeing these for years...but never got my hands on one , until about two weeks ago, while on vacation at a Guitar Center. I was in the market for a Gretsch....but it just didn't move me. Ive previoulsly owned about 4 EPI DOTS in the last 10 years....3 cherry and one in natural. But, some reason or another ....they just didn't stay around. I could never connect with them fully. Was usually the big beefy necks....ive got smaller hands,,,and they would sometimes cramp on those higher up frets. The last EPI DOT I bought was last year...they came out with the EPI 335 PRO....I found a used one online..at GC. They guy said...beefy necks a problem? Problem solved!...so I was expecting my dream guitar. When I got it...It was definatley thinner...not sure it was a good thing?...but the PUPS sounded...different. I was not a fan of those 335 PRO pickups.


So, now ....debating for weeks to get another DOT or not...or the Casino...I finally found a natural EPI CASINO used with a case online at GC. Be here in couple days. This MAY be the one..haha....I loved the full hollow sound when I tried one out. Being a big Beatles fan, Im sure Im gonna love this. NGD!




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