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Recreating 30's style logo on modern Gibson L7

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Lets just say you needed to make a new neck for a modern Gibson L7, but as part of that repair you wanted to put on a Gibson Script Logo a la 1930's Gibson L7. Is that legal? Can you do that? Maybe its something you can get Gibson to make and send out to you? (though I highly doubt it). I know the new Gibsons are not the same as the old ones. Slightly different in just about every way... but that aside... Any opinions are welcomed.





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I wouldn't lose sleep over the legality aspects of it, if the guitar really is a Gibson. You'll need to look around for a Gibson logo template. Even the script logos have varied a lot over the years. I would do some online research to find a version you like.


I replaced the block logo on my late-40's J-45 with an abalone script inlaid logo back in 1970. While it looks cool, it was a mistake in terms of long-term value, although that part is pretty irrelevant to me on a guitar I've owned for almost 50 years.


As you can see, I also inlaid a "flowerpot", and bound the headstock in alternating layers of ebony and ivory fabricated from old piano keys. Not very much like a J-45, but interesting at the time.



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