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Salvaging the 490/498


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Can the 490/498 humbucker set be salvaged? Mine sit unused. Are they both a piece of crap PUPs? Is one good enough to keep if it had a different brother?

If you have a Gibson 490R and 498T pair of humbuckers and you have to sell one and buy one which one would you sell?

What would you buy to match the one you kept?


Here is my brainstorming idea..


Sell the 498 and stick another magnet in the 490.

Replace the 498 with a Classic or pearly gate.

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All pickups are good in a guitar they fit to.


The natural sound characteristics of the guitar played unplugged, and the player's expectations about it's sound plugged in, should determine which set of pickups the guitar needs.


I know, it is a very general comment, but that's it really.


Cheers... Bence

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