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Mods for my Broadway

El Cavano

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I've heard about mods to archtops (and others) that make the dual volume and control layout more usable.


One mod I've heard involves making the neck volume and tone knobs into master volume and tone. The Bridge volume control is then converted to a blend control.


Anyone have mods they've done and found useful?


BTW - I'm considering this for my 1964 Broadway.



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I am waiting for the completion of similar mods to my Hagstrom Deuce.


It shares the same circuit layout as Les Pauls. Tone & Vol for each pup. I dont really like this arrangement.


The mods include:


The 2 tone controls remain as is except for disabling the push pull coil split

One volume becomes master volume.

The spare volume becomes a coil split switch (replacing the push-pulls).



I am really looking forward to getting it back!

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