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UPS finally paid up


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I posted about 3 weeks ago how UPS damaged a case during delivery

To my surprise, they reimbursed me in full today for the case.

Needless to say I was caught off guard by their payment.

No questions , just supplied them with a receipt and 14 days later, I was paid in full

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Nice. I don't remember the details. Is the damaged case useable? Do you just have more money, or are you going to replace the case?


Actually the case is still very useable

When it was damaged. only the out side edge of the fat end of the case and the narrow end of the case was damaged.

I though for sure if they did reimburse me at all it would be like a pro-rated settlement because the case is useable.

The case and guitar were sent to my brother in Florida (he wants to start playing again) so I sent him a new Epiphone acoustic/electric with a used case, but the case was almost perfect in condition.

When he saw the damaged shipping box, he notified UPS right away.

My brother has a way with words. and the way he phrased the letter to UPS is classic.

To make a long story short, I had to produce a receipt for the case to the UPS store I shipped it from, and about 14 days later the store called me and said he had a check for me to pick up.

UPS really did damage the case, no question about that, but I thought I might get a partial reimbursement on the case.

Truthfully I am still kind of surprised about the full rembursement.

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