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Two old men, a piano and a guitar = MAGIC


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I just became aware of a series of videos recorded at Jeff Lynne's Los Angeles home studio (Bungalow Palace) a few years back with long-time ELO keyboardist Richard Tandy. I believe these were included in a BBC special titled "Mr. Blue Sky", but I hadn't seen nor heard of it until now.


If you ask me, what makes a well-known song truly great is if you can strip it down to it's most basic form and it still sounds as good, if not better, than its full production version.


I've been immensely enjoying listening to Jeff and Richard perform ELO classics 'Evil Woman', 'Telephone Line', 'Can't Get it Out of My Head', 'Strange Magic' and my favorite, 'Showdown', presented with only a Gibson Dove, a piano and Jeff's instantly recognizable and impressive voice - neither man has lost a step, truly.


I won't embed any of the vids here, but if you're any fan at all of Electric Light Orchestra, search for 'Jeff Lynne Richard Tandy' or 'Bungalow Palace' and you'll find them easily enough.


Man, I can't say enough about how GREAT these performances are!

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