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I just picked up the new Springsteen record, "working on a dream." The one i got came with a 'making of' DVD which i'm in the middle of watching. For much of the session work they're filming Bruce is playing a pretty boss J200. (i know, i know)


I don't know enough about all of the various incarnations over the years but it appears to be very similar to the current pre-war that was recently being sold (block inlays, script logo), although i think this is probably one of the actual pre-war J200s.


I've tried to find a picture but i can't. It can be seen all over this video but it's hard to see much detail:




Also check out the cover article in the current issue of rolling stone. Great story and images of him, including bruce with an old J45 in his 'song writing room'

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This is a better view of the guitar. He's playing 'empty sky' off of 'the rising.' Same guitar from the video i was talking about..



The comments on the video are all over the place. (someone thinks it's a variation of a hummingbird)


If you pause it at the right time (~1:01) it looks like it's had a full bridge replacement at some point.

(ok. i've got to stop now =P~ )

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alright alright, just one more.


Scanning those double-trucks is tough, as you can see it's certainly not perfect =P~ (my scanner's not big enough!)


I hope this isn't against the rules or anything... (photos by the wonderful Albert Watson via Rolling Stone 2/5/9)



Bruce at home:


Springsteen's "writing room" contains family photos, the desk on which he wrote many of his albums, gifts from fans, and a collection of hotel keys from tours. "My identity, what people are connecting with - those things are set pretty firmly," says Springsteen. "At my age, those things aren't supposed to inhibit you - they're supposed to free you."



Bruce out back:


Springsteen in his backyard in Colts Neck, New Jersey

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