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american cheez

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so i ordered a new pickguard for my 91 explorer. i ordered it from this place called terrapin guitars. it's black/red/black.

the thing is, when it arrived, it didn't fit. the center block that goes between the pups was shifted about 3/32" towards the bridge, and 4 of the 8 holes were off. they were off by half a hole, except one was off more than double that. i took a dremel to it and made it work, but i feel like for $49 is should have fit with no modifications. the warmoth one i ordered for the strat was precise and completely perfect, and less expensive.


did they move things around much with the explorers, or did i just get a crappy guard?

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You didn't.


I ordered a white pearl for my 2006 76 RI. Pretty standard, right? Right. I got it on with some hacking. Pickguardian says to trace it or send them the pickguard for the best results, and they weren't kidding. They change something from year to year apparently. Same happened with my SG. Fortunately I didn't really like either guitar other than stock, so they are both stock forever and the pickguards were relatively inexpensive lessons in How Gibson Makes The Same Thing Different Every Year.



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