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Christmas In A Barn


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Well friends, we had our now traditional Christmas In A Barn service again this evening. To better get the feel of the original nativity, our priest holds a service in a local barn complete with horses, goats, sheep, mules, rabbits, dogs and cats. It's cold, it's dusty, it's smelly, but it's also quite special.


The kids dress in costume and present their pageant with tin foil halos and cardboard wings and crowns, and we all sing carols as communion is served for those who partake.


It's a wonderful way to greet the holiday. We will still hold a more orthodox service in church leading up to midnight later, but I too wanted to wish all my fellow forum members a Merry Christmas, and prayers for a prosperous New Year to all.



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I've been involved in a "Christmas Alive" Nativity with live animals too. It adds something special to the Sunday school kid's traditional nativity play. Something they never forget.


Well Fromnabulax, I hope your Christmas celebrations are all they are meant to be.


Merry Christmas.

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