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Left-Handed Gibson L9S Ripper Bass


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Hello Guys, I am new to the forum. I have a Gibson Left-Handed Ripper Bass Serial# 80810062 Black, Engraved USA. w/ Original Gibson case.

The story is back when I ordered the bass left-handed my friend owned a musical instrument retail store (Bandstand Music) and he was a new Gibson dealer. Gibson told him they did not make the Ripper anymore but since it was a left handed order and they had to special setup for it anyway and that he was a new dealer they would make one more. It was to take 6 months, apparently did not pass inspection, and took another 6 months, but after 1 year and almost giving up it was delivered. I have never looked into trying to validate the story. I played bass in the late 70's to the mid 80's then started my own Used Guitar Shop and Recording Studio in Augusta GA in 1985. which I closed in 1990, got married, and with 2 kids later, the bass has been stored under my bed for 25 years with just bringing it out a few times a year. I decided to finally look into the story of it being the last one made and from what I have been told there were no left handed L9S Ripper Basses known to be made? Well I have one. So, is it the only left-handed Ripper in existence? Can anyone here add to or clarify the mystery?


Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Richard with the Ripper in Atlanta GA


Here are some pics.





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Welcome, LeftHandRipperBass!


Great story, and an awesome mystery.


All I can find on it indicates that you have a one-off rarity.


The L-9-S bass guitar was introduced in 1973, and then renamed The Ripper in 1974.

It was made until 1982.

A Ripper II bass was introduced in the summer of 2009.


A pristine 1970's Ripper bass is worth well over a thousand dollars.

I can only imagine that, if you wanted to sell that rare beast, you could fetch $2,000 for it, considering its unusual pedigree, and the fact that you are the sole owner.


Looking forward to your future posts!



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