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Once I had a Epi SG Special, gave it to my girlfriend, and it may sound stupid but after that I felt srange posting her on the Epi forum.

Well I guess i fixed that with my new purchase, and this one will stay.

Here's the story......


Some time ago I started looking for a guitar.


It had to be:


-Inexpensive (if possible)




-Single Coil-ish (if possible)


-Good overall feel


So to speak truth I had something in mind, some sort of Tele.

Even thought about buying a kit.


Looked and tried Tele Squiers, nope none of them did it.

Some Strat and it got closer.


Then a Jay Turser Tele wich was nice but no.


Thought why don't look for a used one.


Almost pulled the trigger on a Asian made, Duncan's H/H, flame top Special Edition Custom Tele.

Thought about it twice and that guy was asking to much for that thing.

For a bit more I could have a new MIM one.


Thinking a bit more:


If I buy something Fender-ish I would have some fun for a few weeks and then regret it.


If I go the MIM route for example, and knowing me, I would end up buying better hardware and electronics.


Build me one? Would almost spend the same as buying me a new one.


So I came to the conclusion, Fender yeah, but not yet.

Better to go for the real deal when the time comes.


Then I looked locally if there where some interesting things.

And there I found it.


A used and abused Epiphone LP Studio Gothic.

I looked at the price, it was less than what a Gibson hardcase costs.

All mahagony, set neck, carved top!

So I thought, what the heck, met the guy and as soon as I held it I knew I had to take it home.


More specs:



The body is slim even more then my LPJ's, wich is really nice and lightweight.

Reminds me of the 14 Classic Custom Lite or an SG.

Due to the weight and that it has Grover's it's kind of neck heavy but I don't care.


They go new for 300+, does it feel like a 300 bucks guitar? Hell no, It's very nice built and finished.

Does it sound like a 300 bucks guitar, yup!

I heard much worse pickups, clean, not that bad.

But overdriven really muddy!


But that is an easy fix, I'll just put the LPJ's PCB in it and the 490R/498T combo I have laying around.

This will be a really nice axe once I finish it.


And it looks like it has fallen more then once, even the headstock looks like it has kissed floor.

Still in one piece, wich means to me that it is a solid little monster.


Really surprised by the overall quality, didn't expect it (made in Korea, Saein Factory).

Oh and it plays great, It's pure fun.


Ok, I shut up now, some pics:










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