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Need your help before buying please


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Hi guys, I am a long time lurker of this forum but never jumped in.

Now I need your help: in a few days I will try this guitar, I made an offer and the guy accepted.


Here is the link



What do you think of this guitar?

And secondly, can I be sure that the fingerboard is rosewood?

Do I have to check something in particular?


Thanks for your help.



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Hello Mimmo,


the linked pics show an SG obviously matching the specifications for a 2010 Standard. These include a rosewood fretboard, and to my eyes it clearly looks like that. The specified pickups are 490R and 498T, and the pickups shown indeed are "R" and "T" spaced, so they probably are stock. Same is valid for the machine heads.


Some more pics would be helpful for further evaluation. It is always recommendable to check for damages and repairs. The neck should be free of warping.


The intonation adjustment looks pretty close to the limit, and flipping some of the saddles might make things easier. This will also depend on the strings you plan to use in the future.


If you have some more detailed questions, feel free to ask them here. In any other case: Good luck! [thumbup]

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I just wanted to say that assuming the intonation is adjusted correctly, the saddles are already set very far towards the tailpiece. In case there's more travel required, the affected saddle can be removed after demounting its spring clamp and built-in reversed.


The picture below shows a Nashville bridge with the saddle of the G3rd flipped:



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