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The Handing Down


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I have no business commenting on a piece of this caliber, and I usually don't post much on forums. I barely have intermediate skills, but I do know Ed Gerhard arrangements always have the potential to be extraordinarily beautiful pieces. When played well, and this was, on an instrument with a spectacular voice, like this one has, the result is breathtaking, and this one is positively breathtaking.


And speaking of Alex DeGrassi, don't forget he literally "wrote the book" on fingerpicking. I met him at a camp in 2013, and he is all that you would think he is, and then some.


hey spectrum, thank you for the listen and your positive feedback, much appreciated.


Ed's a massive talent. his music is very deep and always takes you places.


The first time I heard Alex DeGrassi was about 20 years ago on a Windham Hill complication. Man, I was hooked, I've learned several of his pieces as well, the detail he puts into his music is nothing short of daunting. I don't know how these guys come up with this stuff!


Takes a while to get your head around it all, once you do, for me anyway; there was no going back.


Alternate tunings on guitar is it's own blend of magic, it costs you a lot of broken strings, but worth it.




you'll have to tell me more about experiences at his camp. I've often wonder what going to something like this would really be like, He does seem like a very down to earth guy too.

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