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Hi all,


Just thought I'd drop by and say hello.


I am 47 and live on the Isle of Wight. I have been playing since I was a kid and for the last 4 years have been playing in a band which drew heavily on the music of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, not exactly a tribute, because the arrangements were a lot heavier and harder than the originals - more like '70s rock. sadly there is not enough work to support me now, so I am back in an office 9 - 5 but am putting together a "pub" band to carry on playing, but now more of a hobby.


I own a 2002 68 Custom Art and Historic Les Paul Custom (Tom Murphy aged), when I bought it I had five other guitars, 2 flying V's, a 335 an ESP eclipse (Old tele shape) and a Washburn electro acoustic. I sold the 335 and the V's as everything I ever wanted in a guitar was right there. I kept the ESP as a back up for stage in case of string breakage, I haven't really played it now in 6 years...


I have toured for the last 4 years in a tribute band using the LP exclusively and after almost every gig someone would ask how do I get that sound..I just use the LP and a rare 1976/7 Marshall 100 watt master volume 2 x 12 combo. I gave up fx as nothing I could do added to the spound of the LP. I do use a wireless sytem which gives a better signal than a lead and seems to add a touch of compression. Most people are amazed at the sound I get without using any fx. Best was a young lad who had a yamaha guitar, a yamaha amp and a rack of digital effects, he asked how to get the sound, I told him to buy a LP and Marshall, but he then explained that his digital emulation unit cost £xxx and his digital wotsit cost £xxx and why couldn't he get that sound.... I let him have a quick blast on the LP and his jaw dropped.


What a guitar.


Thanks for letting me bore you!



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