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The AJ-28S with its solid spruce top (hence the "S") is a solid performer and very well suited as a great beginner guitar! I would even argue that it vies among the best bang for the buck in its respective price range, which is around 200 bucks without case. Depending on the condition and setup/action of the item at hand, I'd shell out one-hundred bucks give or take for such a used AJ-28S (though I'd have to say that the black AJ-28S looks doubly cool). Make sure it really is an AJ-28S, otherwise you're not getting a solid top.


One thing worth noting is that the AJ-28S above seems to have a SlimTaper neck with a flat C-shaped profile which, for players with smaller hands, may be uncomfortable to play or even tiring in extended play sessions. Be sure to take your wife with you to demo the guitar a bit and to see if the neck profile really is to her liking.

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