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les paul std /vos


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i have been looking at these two guitars and would like a little advice from the forum members.

i want a guitar that will be a workhorse and not some collectors piece but at the same time i do like quality.

so my question is quite straight forward -

i am stuck between a 50's std and 58 vos plain top !!

all advise most welcome [-o< [-o<

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That's only a choice YOU know you will be happy with. Any guitar can be a workhorse regardless of what it is. I have two Gibson's however the guitar I play most is an old Wasburn KC20 (My first guitar) which is now 17yrs old. It stands up to anything. I get my Gibson's out as a bit of a treat to myself. I dont Gig (I dont have time) but Iam sure any Gibson will go the distance.


If I had to choose between a 50's Standard and a VOS I would have R9 or R8 VOS any day. But that's my personal tase.



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i agree.

i want to test the difference between short tenon on the standards and long tenon on the VOS reiussie...

it seems that the neck vibration is better transmitted to the body... but I never had the opportunity to try one..

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