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Catalogs. Where to download?


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Nippy, as far as I'm aware Gibson (like so many other firms) no longer releases expensive to produce catalogues, it's all done on their web page. For Les Pauls look here:




To anyone new to Gibson's the choice can be very daunting so please feel free to ask on here if you need help, there are a lot of very knowledgeable and helpful people on here,


Welcome to the forum.




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I like to keep a copy of the catalogue relevant to my guitar so that if, in the future, I decide to sell or just look up specs, it is easier to do so. I'm guessing that Gibson will only have information on the website applicable to current or very recent models so in a few years time, such information will be harder to come by? I have just bought a Les Paul Standard so have printed off the total spec list from the website so at least I will have it to hand.

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