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Epiphone 6732 Triple Ought '000' Project Celtic Tuning


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Here's my next Epiphone acoustic project. During my search for a Epi 6832, in Feb 2016 I found this 6732 blue label luthier's project guitar for $ 91 plus $18.33 or $109.33 shipped. Serial #112350. Since it was so cheap I bought it thinking I would use it until I found a proper 6832. When it arrived the bridge was pulled and the string height was way high. Since it required bridge repairs before it could be played, I hung it on the wall and continued the hunt for the 6832.














The 6732 is a junior, less expensive model of the 6832. The neck has dot markers rather than inlayed blocks and there is no edge binding on the neck. There is a single white dot on the bridge behind the bridge pins. The Epiphone logo is gold paint rather than an inlay.


I have since found a 6832 and Tom Dodson did a remarkable job bringing it back to life. See:






I decided I wanted a Celtic tuned DADGAD acoustic guitar. I could have just gone to Guitar Center and picked up an inexpensive guitar but I wanted a 000 sized guitar. With the 6832 done, I decided to have Tom Dodson fix the 6732 and set it up for DADGAD.


I use .012 to .053 acoustic strings on my 6 string acoustic guitars. These strings pull about 159 pounds on a 25.25" scale guitar. Tuning down to DADGAD reduces the pull and the lighter strings tend to flop around the neck. Since this was to be a permanent Celtic DADGAD guitar I made up a set of strings that when tuned to DADGAD would pull about the the same as a standard set of strings do.


D .013 21.1


A .018 24.62


G .024w 33.31


D .032w 30.03


A .042w 28.47


D .056w 23.54



Total = 161.07 pounds of pull Celtic Tuning.


So I picked up 2 pounds of pull with my custom set which is not significant. 10 sets of D'Addario 80/20 bronze strings are on the way from Just Strings. It is less expensive to buy regular sets of .012 to .053 strings and single .013, .018, and .056 strings than to buy all six strings individually.


The Fishman pickup arrived last week. As soon as the strings arrive I will drop off the 6732 at Tom Dodson Guitar's for the restoration. Stay tuned!

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