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  1. Sorry I missed this. It's a bit fuzzy now but I paid $145 for the EB-0, the DiMarzio was $90, the bridge was $100, the Artec pickup was $35, strap locks were $25, Strings were $32, and labor was $100. So that is $527 - Say $550. Well worth it for me but may be too much for you.
  2. IMHO the best way to wire 3 pickups is with a Fender 5-way knife (blade) switch and a push/pull (or mini-toggle) switch to turn on the neck pickup. The 5-way allows bridge, bridge/middle, middle, middle/neck, and neck but not bridge/neck or all three. With the p/p you can force the neck pickup on. This allows you to set the 5-way to position 1 putting the bridge pickup on and the pull up the p/p switch to turn on the neck. Put the 5-way to position 2 that turns on the bridge & middle and pull up the p/p and now all 3 pickups are on. This is known as 7-way switching or the David Gilmour mod. The issue with 3 pickups in a Gibson is the dang toggle switch with the big hole it has. It is very hard to convert the 3-way toggle to a 5-way knife switch. You have to plug the hole & rout a slot & drill two holes for the 5-way. Who is going to do that to a '57 black beauty? I have over 30 HSH Fender style guitars and I've modded them all to 7-way by switching out a tone pot to a push/pull, usually when doing a pickup swap. On some I've also used a p/p on the vol to put the neck pickup out of phase as well.
  3. Here's my EB-3 short scale made from an EB-O:
  4. I've always wanted a Gibson EB-3 short scale bass like Jack Bruce played with Cream but they have always have been out of my price range. Last year I found an Epiphone EB-O short scale bass on eBay and discovered that Epiphone did make an EB-3 bass. The problem is that the Epiphone EB-3 is really an EB-3(L) long scale bass. So I bought the cherry Epi EB-O short scale and decided to mod it. I replaced the Epi pickup with the DiMarzio mudbucker Model One. Schaller Strap locks were installed. The stock Epi bridge didn't appeal to me so I installed a Hipshopt SuperTone GibsonĀ® Bass Replacement Bridge 3-point bridge: https://hipshotproducts.com/collections/bass-bridges/products/supertone-gibson-bass-replacement-bridge?variant=33244555656 The bridge just drops right in. Very easy! I ordered LaBella short scale flat wound strings from juststrings.com and they were on back order for 4 months :( Eek I found a black Alnico 5 mini-humbucker and mounting ring and had Brown's Guitar Mill in Newnan GA rout the guitar and install the mini humbucker in the the bridge. The nut was changed to a bone nut. The controls were left with a master volume, master tone and a 3-way toggle switch. I prefer single vol/tone so I was happy. The output jack was moved to the side. So now I have an EB-3 short scale bass that sounds great! Well worth the time spent to make it. Epiphone should made a real EB-3 short scale bass.
  5. I was fortunate to have a couple of original S-300/S-310 pick guards on hand and I sent one to Pickguardian to use as a template. The new one they made fits perfectly.
  6. As far as I know Terry had only one Telecaster. If it is the same color then it is his pre-mods.
  7. A few years back I bought an Epiphone S-310 Custom. It had Fender noiseless pickups in it. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/100080-ngd-epiphone-1994-s-310-custom/ I never did anything with the 310 Custom and it just sat. Last summer I started thinning the herd so I was going to sell it. The pick guard didn't look right so I dug deeper and pulled the pick guard and found a mess! The prior owned had hacked up the inside to get the Fender noiseless pickups to fit. No way could I sell it in this condition :( . The ash wood had also cracked at the bridge pivot studs. The vibrato arm would damage it further. All I could do is to epoxy it up. I would never trust this body with a whammy bar again. It needed to be a hard tail. I used the pickups on a 1999 Stagemaster. What to do with the 310 body? At the time I was listening to a lot of Chicago music. Terry Kath used a Telecaster with a humbucker in the neck. Maple neck. OK, let's do a Terry Kath inspired build. I had Pickguardian make a new white pick guard for it with a Telecaster bridge pickup and a humbucker neck. I filled 25 screw holes for the pick guard with hardwood tooth picks. It must have had 3 different pick guards on it. I used a GFS Telecaster bridge pickup and a Tone rider Alnico 2 humbucker. I added a Blackhawk sticker but decided not to add all the Pignose stickers that Terry had on his Tele. I blocked the tremolo and put a 6mm cap screw in the trem arm hole so no one would be tempted to try and use a trem arm with it. I also added a new truss rod cover that says S-310 rather than the original one that says Gibson. I had Brown's Guitar Mill add a bone nut and they discovered that the neck need some serious fret work. It now plays like butter. One fine TK Strat-O-Tele!
  8. I gave up waiting on Epiphone to release a DC 24 fret guitar. I bought a Hamer Stellar II: I put in a set of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Alnico 2s in her & had my tech install a bone nut. I also have a Hamer XT DC Goldtop with mini humbuckers: The Epiphones look great but I prefer one vol, one tone like the Stellar II has.
  9. Picked up the 6832 yesterday afternoon. All is well!!!!!!! The guitar is fixed and plays wonderfully. The action is a bit lower than before - right where I like it. Intonation is dead on. Another fantastic repair by Tom Dodson. This 6832 has at least another 10 years in her.
  10. Great news! Tom texted me and my 6832 is all fixed!!! I will try to get it tomorrow or Friday.
  11. Well, disaster!!!!!!!!!!!! Around Oct 12th, a few days before leaving on an overseas trip, I noticed that the action on my 6832 was way high and the strings were detuned. Something had popped. Ugh! I further loosened the 6832's strings and put it in the case until I returned. Yesterday I drove to Jackson GA and dropped the guitar off at Tom Dodson's shop. Tom sent me a few photos today and it is not good. The neck block has a huge crack in it. Since it's a 1971ish guitar, it is 49 years old and this is a known problem area. Not sure exactly what caused the wood to crack and give way - maybe just age and not the best QA at the Epi factory back then. All is not lost!! Tom says he can fix it. He has already started: And: I am sure if anyone can fix my 6832, Tom can (again)!! I'll keep everyone posted.
  12. Welcome to the Epiphone World! That is a very nice guitar. Can you measure the diameter of the part you need with a digital caliper? I'll look in my parts bin but I need a size to look for. Also the Del Rey does NOT have "coil taps". It has "coil splits". A coil tap has multiple leads off a single coil to shorten the length of the coil hence that changes it's DC resistance and tone. You see coil taps most often in power transformers that have multiple different voltages coming out a coil. A "coil split" grounds out one full coil of a humbucker leaving a single coil to make the tone. The length of the single coil is the same as it was; it's just missing the other coil that cancels out the hum. Gibson (and others) makes this description error all the time but lately I've noticed that they have been using "coil split" instead of "coil tap".
  13. The Epiphone EB-3 is a long scale bass (34"). The original Gibson EB-3 was a short scale (30.5"). Gibson did offer a long scaled EB-3 in the 60's & 70's and it's model name is EB-3L. Why Epiphone calls their long scale copy of the EB-3L an EB-3 is beyond me. I always call it an EB-3L. Jack Bruced played an EB-3 - SHORT SCALE.
  14. Well, I recently bought an Epiphone EB-0 SS bass and I am modding the heck out of it. I have replaced the neck pickup with a DiMarzio Model One DP120 (I had to mod the pick guard to make things fit). The bridge is a piece of junk IMHO so I bought a very nice HIPSHOT 3 point bridge for it. Next up is an Artec mini-bucker for the bridge pickup. One it's done it should sound like an Gibson EB-3. The Epiphone EB-3 is a LS and the model name should be EB-3L. Mine will be a SS EB-3. Controls will be two Vol pots one Tone pot. I will move the output jack to the side to make a clean set up. I plan on using flat wound strings with it once it's done.
  15. Very nice. May I ask what you had to pay to bring this beauty home? Did it come with a case? And how did your dealer get a hold of it? Thanks!
  16. The 1971-1979ish FT guitars with bolt-on necks all suffered from neck blocks that come loose over time. That causes the neck to pull up and makes them hard to play. I thought that the FT-565 had a set neck - are you sure of the model? I have a number of these guitars - a 6832 & FT-135, an FT-165 12 string, and an FT 6732. All have been restored by Tom Dodson in Jackson GA. I had the adjustable bridges replace with traditional bone saddles, Fishman electronics installed, and all the neck blocks re-glued. Most of them had top braces that needed re-gluing as well. The cost to repair one of these Epiphones will likely exceed their market value. For me it was a labor of love. The FT-165 12 string needed a Bridge Doctor installed. Tom Dodson installed it and it actually increases the tone of the guitar: http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Tools_by_Job/Tools_for_Bridges/JLD_Bridge_Doctor.html I'd advise that you take the guitar to a competent luthier and have him repair it.
  17. Yes this thread has gone full circle. This 6832 guitar now sits in my bedroom on a stand so I can play it more often. It sounds good and is easy to play - set up with 0.012s. Truly a labor of love. Would I do it again? No, now that I have a 6832 and a restored FT-135 - no need for a third 'OOO'. Should both of those get stolen I would start the hunt over.
  18. Holy Epiphone Batman! That's MY 6832! I bought it off eBay in 2016 and restored it! Check out the top cracks and the horizontal scratch. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/132569-at-last-epi-6832-blue-label/ I stumbled on this 2012 thread today looking for more info on the 6832. When Tom Dodson looked at it he couldn't understand the aluminum channel rod braces under the bridge. When he removed them it became apparent why they where installed: the bridge plate had cracked. And no, they are NOT factory!! It was $135 just to make and install a new one. I had Tom do it. He made a maple one like a D-28 Martin has and glued it in. Worked beautifully. Once the bridge plate was fixed, Tom reglued the neck block, added some cleats to fix the top cracks, filed & re-slotted the bridge, and installed a bone saddle & Fishman Infinity pickup. Note: The black mass on the neck block is the Fishman 9v battery nylon case. Easier to change batteries when put there. All done! The repair cost was far more than the 6832 is worth. Add in the cost of the Fishman Infinity pickup & a 000 hard case and it's even more expensive. Since this was a guitar I had & sold when I was in the Army way back in 1972, I wanted a gigable one. That I have now :) . Ft. Devens MA ASA Talent Show February 1972 I was into top hats long before Slash ever even picked up a guitar :) !
  19. My *guess* would be yes. LH 3+3 necks are the same except for the nut slots and the side dot markers.
  20. I can't log into the unofficial Epiphone Wiki. Is it down? I have to use the Wayback machine to get to a copy of the Wiki: https://web.archive.org/web/20161127045150/http://epiphonewiki.com:80/index.php/Main_Page Thanks!
  21. Ditto on the 90's Dot. I have a '96 Dot. Modded the heck out of it and now it's near perfect (sounding). http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/91879-epi-dot-mod-meet-lucy/
  22. Pure junk. As others have said, a short scale Strat missing a pickup. I'd rather have an old Epi S-210/S-310 http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/100368-epiphone-fat-210-seafoam-green-modded-debcaster-2/
  23. I have restored 4 Norlin era FT guitars: 6732,6832, FT-135 (all '000' size) and a FT-165 12 string. Yes, the FT-165 sounds BIG! The cost to repair and put them in gigging condition far exceeds their market value. Take my 6732: Cost of the 6732 $110 Cost of Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup: $155 Cost of the hard shell case: $95 Cost of the repair: $380 Total investment: $ 740 Is my 6732 worth $740? Well, to me it is. To the market, no. But I'm happy with it so I don't care. I can take it anywhere and play it, no worries. A Taylor Grand Concert size guitars run $2,000 new and $1600 used. Not a lot of 000 guitars out there.
  24. Tom did his usual magic and the 6732 sounds so sweet! It is a sweet guitar - well worth the $$ I spent on it.
  25. This has been on my to do list since April. I got my last FT 000 guitar back from the shop and wanted to do a family photo. Here are my FT 000 guitars, all Norlin era from the 70's From left to right: 6732, 6832, FT-135. All have had the adjustable bridges removed, bridge filled, re-slotted. and bone saddles installed. All have Fishman Matrix Infinity pickups installed. And I bought them all new hardshell cases :) . The 6732 is set up for DADGAD. Strings are: 1 D 0.013 Plain 2 A 0.018 Plain 3 G 0.024 Wound 4 D 0.032 Wound 5 A 0.042 Wound 6 D 0.056 Wound Sounds great. The 6832 & FT-135 are in standard tuning with D'Addario EJ11 Lite .012-.053 strings. More info: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/134068-epiphone-6732-triple-ought-000-project-celtic-tuning/page__p__1814756__fromsearch__1#entry1814756 More info: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/132569-at-last-epi-6832-blue-label/ All had serious problems and needed a lot of work to restore them. The 6732 looks almost new but the bridge was pulled up way high. I also have a FT-165 12 string that was a basket case as well. She wanted to be in the photo! The Ft-165 got the same re-build efforts & a hard shell case. The FT-165 rebuild: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/83255-epiphone-ft-165-12-string/ All in all, I love the sound of my 000 guitars. The dreadnought size FT-165 rings like a bell as well.
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