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Vintage es 330 identifying


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Hi, New here but reader since years.

I`m looking for a vintage gibson and i saw this es 330. Seller doesn´t know exact year or originality, but price is not too high. Im tented to buy this one, but i want to research as many information as i can before.

Im not an expert, but i think it could be a late 60's es 330 with replaced tuners. Don´t know if black finish is original or not, but i don't see too many black 60´s es 330...

By the moment i only had this photos, i'll ask for better ones tomorrow.

What could be a decent price for this one?


Thanks you in advice and sorry for my bad english.

post-82761-057898600 1480107533_thumb.jpg

post-82761-078329300 1480107539_thumb.jpg

post-82761-060905300 1480107545_thumb.jpg

post-82761-042730400 1480107551_thumb.jpg

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Yes, it does look like it would date to the late 60's. If the black is original, that would make it pretty unusual (more rare), and perhaps a bit more valuable. On the other hand, if I were buying it, I would assume that it's been refinished, and price it accordingly (reduce the price by about half). You can research and average out the latest sales prices on ebay for 330's of that era in general (sunburst, cherry, etc), and then subtract about half of the value for the refin. Or, you could first try to verify whether the finish is original, but that would take some effort (and cooperation from the seller).


You can also get an idea of asking prices in the market in general by looking at places like gbase and reverb:





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A 60s ES 330 is a pleasure to own and an investment as they certainly appreciate in value but to get the best value it needs to tick all the boxes.


Certainly you need to have all the fittings original and that means P90 pickups. You need to have a sunburst finish, that is synonymous with an ES 330 I have never seen a 60s Black model so I would think that unless you have providence for it being a factory fitted colour you are looking at a big reduction in value. I see from the picture that there is a nice looking hard case, it's not original! The 60s ES 330 came in a fitted Cardboard case which was light in weight but easy to damage. An original good quality case is worth it's weight in gold.

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