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Pickup Selector Switch for Casino


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Hi all,


I have a 2001 natural Korean Casino in need of a new pickup switch. From what I've read Switchcraft is the way to go, but searching for the specific switch that will fit has me more confused than ever (not difficult to confuse me). Is item #1242 in this link the one I want to get?




I was a member of the old Epiphone forum years ago before it got murged into the Gibson board, and just never made the transition. Last week I got a new 2015 Gibson ES339 Studio at a closeout price and figured it's a good time to join the forums. I wanted something that's comfortable to play while lounging in my recliner, and my other guitars are either too big or heavy. I considered the Epi Casino Coupe and Les Paul Florentine Pro as possibilities, but in a moment of patriotism decided on the American made Gibson. I play the 339 unplugged and so far it's a sweet guitar, but not nearly as loud unplugged as the Casino. Give and take; comfort for sound.


Other Epiphones in my arsenal are a 2004 Elitist Texan and a 2014 sunburst Elitist Casino (that I'm going to put a Bigsby on one of these days).

I have more Casino questions but will take them one at a time. Thanks!



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