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2001 Epiphone LP Specs


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I recently picked up this Epiphone Les Paul Limited Edition, Blue Sparkle Flake top. I am wondering about the specs of this particular model, and I have not been able to find much online so far. In fact, I have not seen many of these online at all.


Based on the serial # I know it was made in April 2001 at Unsung, Korea. I am guessing it's mahogany neck, body, perhaps a maple cap? Rosewood fretboard? Not sure what pickups are in it? Looks like Kulson tuners, but they have the E on the back instead of the kulson name.


I am guessing this info on the wiki site is probably accurate for my model - however the dates claim 1995-2000 ...and again, mine is a 2001. And under the "colors" section, it only mentions purple, gold, and green.




Does anyone know of an online source for these details? ...or have personal knowledge about this particular model?





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Blue, purple, gold, champagne, green, red. They were everywhere. I mean everywhere. Tripping over them in Mars, go around the corner to Sam Ash and they had another dozen, all the colors. Pretty standard Epi LP stuff at the time.



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Looking to value an Epiphone, Les Paul, (does not say standard) guitar that is green that also looks blue in certain light  It has an original Epiphone Bigsby in very good condition. Serial number indicates it was made in Unsung, Korea in April 2001.  It belonged to my uncle and that's all the information I have.  Any help or value range would be helpful.  Thank you, 

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