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Pickup Gibson SG: P94 and ?


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I've got anche SG special ,One year ago i was mounted a pair of gibson P94 , but i don't like the bridge pickup ,punchy but sick.

I love the 60/70 sound , Jimmy Page ,Angus ..


I can buy a Duncan 59 bridge from a friend,


It's a good choice In terms of style and output ?


(Sorry for my english , in italian forum i've not recived opinion :)

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Ciao Febiozello.


It looks like the amigos on the italian forum have give you their opinions...


Maybe you didn't like them?


Anyway, I mostly agree with what has been said there.

Play around with pickup height, and knob settings on guitar and amp.

If there's no way you like the sounds you may just not like the P94.

In that case nobody can know if you would like the the 59.

Just try it, and if you're still unsatisfied sell it.


I know for sure that you can do Page and Young with a Tele.

I'm sure it would be possible with your SG as it is.


But I also know sometimes you just don't like a particular pickup.

In my case the 490R/498T didn't do it for me, changed them with 57 Classic and Angus Young Sig. and love them.


Good luck!

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Yes, I tried to move the height of pickup but is the timbre that isn't fullness how i want, and It hasn't sono much sustain .

For the neck is ok because is less muddy than a Humbuker, but in the bridge is a little "thicker".

In italian forum somone have say an opinion but they were not responded to the question.

Thank you

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