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Alwx Lifeson R40 pickup sw? problem


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Hi All,


I just picked up my first Les Paul in about 35 years. This is a really great guitar, but I'm having a problem (I think)


I didn't notice this at first, because I think the pieze being on kind of hid it from me.


In the treble position volume is fine


In the middle position, I get both pickups until I turn the rhythm volume knob all the way up (or down of course). I can hear the rhythm pickup turn off. This leads me to believe that the rhythm volume pot is bad.


What puzzles me is that if I have both pickups sounding in the center position, and switch all the way to rhythm, I get nothing.


Does this make any sense?


I'll call Gibson tech the first chance I have to be near the guitar during working hours, but if I'm just not understanding something, maybe I can save a headache.


Thanks for any ideas that you might have.



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I had a similar problem, but with a different model Les Paul. It turns out it was just the toggle switch. If you take the back cover off of the toggle, you can see there are two paddles. If you leave the guitar in the case for long periods with the toggle either in the down or up position, the paddles can get a little bent and then they don't make proper contact. Just bend both paddles in gently toward the middle and you're problem may be solved - it worked for me. Now I always make sure toggle switch is in the middle position when I put the guitar back in the case. Hope that's all it is, easy fix. [biggrin]

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