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Big thanks to Gibson europe repair center


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Would like to thank Gibson EU customer support for their assistance.

A short time after i bought my hummingbird standard a while back i got this pickguard issue (geting unglued and also bubbles in this flubber, between the 2 layers).

Their assistance have been flawless since, on phone and emails, to deal with this problem and they replaced it.


Have to say that i did not expect it to be done so fast, sending the axe and getting it back with a flawless repair/pickguard replacement, plus i received a clean polished guitar with brand new strings.

It took long for me to decide wether i would send it or not, i was a bit worried about it cause of the plane and all, but finally it only took a week to have it sent and back home and in perfect condition.


So huge thank to them Boris and Marcello and luthier "NG"! You guys rock, my baby's back. [thumbup]

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