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Just a little rant


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About two or three weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of parts that I keep on hand because of the guitar refinishing I do .

Just the basic hardware, Fender string tees, nuts, pick guards, neck plates and screws, strap buttons things like that.

Most of the parts have already arrived, and while putting the parts away , I noticed some of these parts, even though they are Fender parts and not some crap made in Taiwan, they were not all manufactured the same.

Different size screws for the necks, neck plates were not countersunk the same, some string tees have a nylon spacer and some have an aluminum spacer.

Of course there may be slight differences with parts made in the US, or Mexico, Japan, but when you order multiple of the same part, you would expect the parts to be identical.

When I work on say a Gibson, the only part that I have ever had an issue with are the pick up surrounds ( rings around the pick ups).

I have come across a few of these that were not quite the same, but at least the differences were not so bad they could not be used.

Think I might send some of the parts back, but who knows what I might wind up with when I order them again .

I guess quality control is a thing of the past.

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[sad] It is not unreasonable to expect the same item to be ... uhm ... the same-ish when you order in bulk.


So you're buying these parts from the same company? Just so odd. You'd think they would just have the same machines set to the same parameters...

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