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Might have to clean the tuner contacts


Read the "unofficial Owners Manual"




Try the following:

Tighten the hex nut of the Powerhead of the low E-string 1/8 turn.

If it doesn't help, turn it 1/8 turn again.

If it still doesn't work, unscrew the Powerhead by loosening the hex nut.

Make sure that the contacts are clean. Is there a brass sleeve inserted in the

hole of the headstock?

If so, remove it. Screw the Powerhead in again.

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Diekke, a number of us had this issue. I took few remove & installs to get it right and eventually what it came down to was how much I tightened the hex nut on the tuning head. It is a little scary to keep tightening it 1/8 turn at a time not knowing how much those threads can take but it eventually worked out for me...


Thought for Gibson... Perhaps you could tell us how much torque we can safely apply. I do have a small torque wrench and could do this in a more scientific way if you have the guidance for us...

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Hi MCK; I appreciate the humor, and your many contributions to this forum! I bought my wrench over 35 years ago from a company now out of business. A good source nowadays is <www.brownells.com>; they stock just about everything for the marksman. You should not have to spend more than about $35.00 for a 1/4" drive wrench of good quality calibrated in inch-pounds. Mine does not have a dial gauge, it is set with a vernier thumb-screw adjustment and the clutch simply breaks loose when the desired torque is reached. It is fool-proof...which for me is a good thing!

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Hi' date='

it's one week that I had a problem with my dark fire

when I pull out the MCK for tuning the dark fire, the powerheads doesn't tune the G string and I have to tuning it manually.

what's the problem?






Ma se sei italiano la dark fire dove l'hai presa in america? Visto che in europa non sono arrivate!

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FWIW. For those who have been following this thread, but don't want to invest in a torque wrench: insert the long end of an L-shaped hex (allen) wrench in the hex screw; using just your thumb, index, and middle fingers on the short end of the wrench, tighten the screw; when you've tightened as much as you can, you will have applied 10-12 inch-pounds of torque to the screw.

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All Tronical versions can suffer this problem


Clean the Tuning contacts - could use a rubber eraser


Better still - remove the tuner and spritz a a small squirt of Caig Deoxit" electrical contact cleaner on the Tuner electrical contacts - then reinstall the Tuner - careful not too much torque or you may damage the thin black Tronical circuit board.



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