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AP in DC

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Here in Washington DC, the "Newseum" (museum for news and freedom of speech) is presenting an exhibit called "Louder Than Words" -- using music, fashion and poetry to convey important meanings to the masses. Among the items on exhibit here are Jimi Hendrix' Woodstock Strat, John Lennon's Casino, Springsteen's wardrobe from the "Born in the USA" album photo session ... all kinds of good stuff.


In a glass case off to one side, you will also find the Gibson 350T that Eric Clapton played in the Bangla Desh concert with George Harrison (although with a different fingerboard which replaced the original one). In looking at that iconic guitar, I thought about the recent passing of Chuck Berry and remembered one of his more memorable publicity photos (http://www.stlmusicyesterdays.com/Berry.jpg) where he was also slinging a 350.


A couple of Epiphone models come close, but what the world needs right now is an Epi-branded 350T, with the same 'burst/natural finish options and single/bucker pickup selections as the old days. As long as Im saving for a new guitar now, I may as well dream.


Oh, and if you are heading out this way, the Newseum exhibit will be here until July 31, 2017. Plan your visit now.

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